Fit Camps


Fit Camp is our super popular, big group fitness program. High energy, fast paced, and usually super fun (if your definition of fun is a tough workout), these workouts are guaranteed to please. Make friends in these classes…because you’ll definitely be partnered up at times for fun and accountable challenges. That community is a huge part of our system, because those new friends keep you accountable to make sure you’re showing up every class!

2 classes per week: $79 per month.
3 classes per week: $109 per month.
Unlimited classes: $119 per month.

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Personal Training

One-on-One attention provides you with the most specialized details for you and your body. Every rep of every set is geared towards YOU as an individual. We may spend more time on mobilizing that bad shoulder, or limiting your exercise selection for that bad back, to improve your quality of life. So if you are brand new to fitness, or have special concerns requiring individual attention, then one-on-one training is definitely for you.

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Small Group Workouts




Our small group programs are an amazing blend of attention, community, and affordability. We limit our small groups to 6 people or less to ensure that you get enough attention from the coach; and to see and correct your movements and techniques throughout each workout. Combinations of warm-ups, strength training, conditioning, and flexibility are used throughout each week to offer your body the best blend for well-rounded health and fitness.

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